A couple of suggestions...

Messagepar Reesy » Mar 19 Déc 2006, 18:21

1) Have separate forums for French and English speakers, im sure there are many who would like to use oscss but dont realise people understand English

2) Remove the osc_ prefix from the tables for the next release, this would make it much easier to use oscommerce contributions.

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Messagepar stepibou » Mer 20 Déc 2006, 12:43


I agree with you for the 2nd point.
But not realy for the first point, because this will separate users.
I think there's not much english users because we do not translate french posts.
I hope english users 'll write new subjects.

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Messagepar yhugo » Mer 20 Déc 2006, 23:02

Good afternoon, :)

Not two distincts forums but maybe two differents sections in the same forum like the MODx forum ?

'don't know ? :rolleyes:

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Messagepar Reesy » Ven 22 Déc 2006, 17:40

Yes that is what I meant not a totally separate forum.

Forum has 2 meanings in English, its the whole thing and a sub section of the main forum like the above. :P
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Messagepar sidarus » Lun 08 Jan 2007, 01:12


The problem is not the language but the "object/title" of the thread. We don't want to have many threads speaking about, by example, "HowTo Install osCSS". This kind of question is avalaible on our wiki.

Our wiki must be translated into english, that's all ;)
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