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Messagepar j4k » Ven 28 Juil 2006, 00:09

hi !

I've just updated the CVS Release. Here comes a new feature for oscss.

Please send your feedbacks here because I just have a test with firefox and need to know if it's ok for release it on oscss final version.

You need to update /admin/categorie.php and update your database by using the sql file or ading this line :

INSERT INTO admin_files (admin_files_id, admin_files_name, admin_files_is_boxes, admin_files_to_boxes, admin_groups_id) VALUES (66, 'attributeManager.php', 0, 3, '1');

and download the folder admin/attributeManager

That's all :)
You will see the result when adding a new product on catalog, there's a new "attribute" tab.

The traditionnal attribute managing still working, but we need to replace it with a more user friendly one and this one seems to be ok.
let's test it and improve it if necessary (translation, etc ...)
~ osCSS 1.2.1 ~
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Messagepar sidarus » Mar 31 Oct 2006, 14:37

There are 2 errors. I added osc_ table prefix and erase admin_file_id=66 because the ID is auto-incremented :

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS osc_admin_files;
CREATE TABLE osc_admin_files (
admin_files_id int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
admin_files_name varchar(64) NOT NULL default '',
admin_files_is_boxes tinyint(5) NOT NULL default '0',
admin_files_to_boxes int(11) NOT NULL default '0',
admin_groups_id set('1','2') NOT NULL default '1',
PRIMARY KEY (admin_files_id)

INSERT INTO osc_admin_files (admin_files_id, admin_files_name, admin_files_is_boxes, admin_files_to_boxes, admin_groups_id) VALUES (, 'attributeManager.php', 0, 3, '1');

Afet the DB update, if I clic on Attributs I got this error :
Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class amdb in f:easyphp1-8wwwcvs_06-10-31adminattributeManagerclassesamDB.class.php on line 35
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